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Okay, okay - we heard you. 


You want some Victoria sponge but you also want some sneaky scones in there too. Or maybe you're a massive fan of the chocolate fudge cake but you're also into the cherry almond. We've got you.


Introducing the Pick 'n Mix It Up box! You can choose two products from our entire range and you'll receive three of each. Want some scones and cakes? Go for it. Scones and scones? No problem. Cakes and cakes? The floor is yours.


For a full list of ingredients in each of our cakes, please visit our ingredients page.


PLEASE NOTE: We currently only bake and ship on Wednesday's with a view that your cakes will be delivered on Thursday's. The order cut off time is midnight every Tuesday for delivery that week.


Icing detail on the cakes may differ, as the weather affects how easily they are posted.

Pick 'n Mix It Up - 6 Box


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