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FINALLY! Our most popular product range is available to order online for postal delivery (and they're all vegan!). 


Choose from: 

  • Sausage roll (x8)
  • Bombay curry pasty (x6)
  • Mexican chilli cheeze bake (x6)
  • Puff pizza (x6)
  • Cheeze straws (x10)


Make sure you refrigerate them as soon as delivered and eat them within two days. Alternatively, pop them in the freezer and defrost at room temp for 90 mins, or in the microwave on high in 10-second bursts until the pastry is piping hot the entire way through. 


All our savoury pastries are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and soy-free. 

Savoury Pastries (Ve)


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