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Scone-tastic New Product

I'm not going to lie, I wanted to use a cracking scone pun to open up our first blog post but then I realised one crucial detail - depending on how you pronounce scone, the pun will either be fantastic or make no sense at all.

Do we even want to start the sc-own or sc-on argument...?

We're incredibly excited to be launching a range of scones alongside our mini loaf cakes and they're the best scones we've ever tried (though we'll admit, we might be biased).

Coming in three juicy flavours, we've got cherry, cranberry apricot, or sultana. However will you choose!

If you regularly (or always!) eat free-from food, you might have had the pleasure of eating a gluten-free scone and promptly lost all moisture in your mouth. Yep. I've been there, done that and got the sad t-shirt to prove it.

Why is the majority of mass-produced gluten-free food dry and downright depressing? We're saying a great big no, thank you to any more dry and crumbly scones.

Up first is cherry! As you might have already seen by our cherry almond cake, we're serious when it comes to a decent dose of cherries in our cakes. We've not got time for a spontaneous sprinkling throughout. There's stacks of cherries in every bite of our scones and they're available to buy now!

Next is a dreamy duo: cranberry and apricot! Not only are they colourful and gorgeous to look at, but they're also damn tasty too (trust me, I'm proudly the chief taste tester). Whether you top it with jam, dairy-free cream or something else entirely, these are sure to be a winner with everyone at the proverbial party.

Last but by no means least is the classic: sultana. Like with our other two flavours, this is packed with fruit and is a favourite amongst the masses - now available in a gluten and dairy-free option so everyone wins!

Whether you have it warm with butter or topped with cream-jam/jam-cream (I really don't want to start another argument here but scones are surprisingly political), our scones are bound to be a new family favourite and we're so proud to share them with you all.

Each flavour is currently available in a box of six for £12.95 so grab a box, top them with gusto, and send us your pictures on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to be featured!

Until next time,

China :)

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